Tuition Investment/Fees

Tuition is due in advance with no deductions for any absences, holidays, illness, or closures due to inclement weather, power outages, or other situations beyond Galaxy Kids Academy’s control. If tuition is not paid on the day that it is due, a late fee will be added to the tuition for each day that it is late until it is paid in full. When a payment is delinquent for one week or more, care may be suspended until the balance is current and your child’s space will not be reserved.

Tuition is due regardless of a child’s absence from the program for any reason, and is required to hold a child’s space. A fee will be charged for a check returned for insufficient funds. If this occurs, Galaxy Kids Academy will have the option to refuse any future checks. There may be additional fees associated with special summer activities or field trips for the children. When you withdraw your child, you must give one month’s notice prior to withdrawal, in writing, to center management.

Payment Schedule

Payments are due, as per your contract, regardless of a child’s absence for any reason. These include a child’s illness, family illness, vacations, doctor appointments, parent’s days off work, etc.

Please check with the center for the present fee schedule. At the time of registration, parents of children who receive child care services may choose the following payment option:

OPTION A: Payment is due in full on the first of each month, for the current month. After the 5th of each month, a $25.00 late fee will be added to the amount due for each child with an outstanding balance.

Payment for additional services received outside of the contracted hours are due at the time services are provided.

If tuition is delinquent for a period of ten (10) days, the child will be suspended from the center. At that time, the parent must then make payment arrangements for the outstanding balance. Parents may re-instate their enrollment by making appropriate payment arrangements with the Center Director. Accounts left unpaid accumulate late fees and if necessary are sent to a collection agency.

Tuition Subsidies

Parents who receive assistance for child care, must have proof of current authorization, showing the amount to be received for assistance each week, prior to registration. If a child starts prior to authorization approval, or if there is a lapse time between approvals, the parent is responsible for 100% of the tuition payments until the center receives notice of authorization. The parent is liable for any of the tuition that is not covered by the payments received from the assistance program.

*Note: Galaxy Kids Academy requires that parents sign in and out recording the times in the classroom in addition to clocking in and out at our security entrance computer. Parents must also note any absences on the classroom attendance sheet with the reason for the absence from our program. Parents who fail to log their hours or absence on the classroom attendance sheets will be responsible for the amount normally billed by the center.

Galaxy Kids Academy participates in the Child Care Resource Center’s (CCRC) tuition subsidyprogram. For further detailed information, please visit the CCRC website: