Our Programs Toddler Programs

(18 months – 3years)

The toddler age group is a diverse one, and each child is different. We recognize and encourage these differences, and our toddler teaching team’s practice a variety of strategies that allow for each child to begin defining his/her own sense of independence while dependent on the adults caring for and teaching him/her. Our toddler classrooms follow a daily routine that is consistent yet flexible. The children quickly learn to anticipate what will come next in their day and begin to demonstrate initiative. The teaching teams plan their lessons daily to ensure that they are supporting the children’s current interests and developmental progress. Observation and assessment provide key insight into the needs of the individual children and serve as a foundation for goal setting and lesson planning. Toilet training is also incorporated into the daily routine for the older toddlers who demonstrate interest and developmental readiness. Teachers and parents work in partnership to develop a toilet training plan for their child that is consistent between home and school. Our toddler program provides a solid stepping stone into our preschool. Toddlers typically begin their transition to preschool between 33 and 36 months old. At that time the child has many opportunities to visit his/her new classroom for short periods of time to become acclimated with the larger class size and the preschool routine. Once the child is feeling comfortable in his/her new setting, the teachers and parents agree upon a date for the child to move into the preschool program.

Preschool Programs

(3 years – 4 years)

Preschool is the beginning of a very exciting time in the life of a young child. Our days are filled with a variety of learning opportunities that become the building blocks for each child’s preparation for kindergarten. We focus on developing social skills and developing a desire for learning in each child. While it feels like “we play all day”, we are very strategic in our planning to ensure that our expectations are appropriate for the current group of children we are working with. Through play the children learn problem solving skills, develop initiative, and practice math, science, reading, and writing throughout every part of the day. Our individualized assessment and planning strategies provide a comprehensive preschool program that blends into our pre- kindergarten program with a smooth transition.

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

(4 years to First Grade)

Our pre-kindergarten program serves children who will be entering kindergarten the following fall and are 4 years of age. The pre-kindergarten curriculum we implement provides for individualized instruction and assessment and focuses not only on academics, but also problem solving and social skills. We enjoy special events, parties, and field trips throughout the school year and conclude with a graduation ceremony. Pre-kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth and development as the four-year olds turn five and become kindergarteners. The children transition from our program prepared for success in their school years to come.