Registration Procedure

A Galaxy Kids Academy contract form must be completed and returned to center management along with the registration fee (where applicable). Upon receipt of the contract and first month contract fee, your child will be registered based on availability. If current space is not available to meet your needs, your family’s name will be placed on a waiting list. We cannot guarantee that a space will be available for your child on the day you desire. Enrollment is based on availability and may be subject to priority enrollment rules of the center. Families may choose to be on the wait list at Galaxy Kids Academy with payment of a single registration fee, where permitted. When a space becomes available, the center will invite you to visit with your child to discuss the enrollment process. The visit will give your child an opportunity to spend time in his or her classroom and be introduced to the children and staff. During the visit, you will have an opportunity to observe your child in the classroom, meet with center management to schedule a start date, and review the enrollment procedure. Registration is required annually.

Enrollment Procedure

In order to secure appropriate staffing levels at all times of the day, we will ask you to provide the specific hours of care needed for your child, recognizing that you may need to change these periodically. Prior to your child’s start date, please feel free to schedule as many visits as necessary to help familiarize you and your child with the center. This is an excellent way to help your child feel comfortable in his or her classroom. During the enrollment process, you must complete forms regarding your child’s health and development. These forms include family information, a medical authorization and consent form, and a developmental history. An updated physical and immunization record is required for your child prior to enrollment. You are also expected to read and sign an enrollment contract that outlines the program’s policies. All forms in your child’s file must be updated annually. Please remember to provide the center with additional updates as needed (e.g., phone numbers, work information, change of emergency contact or medical information, including allergies).

Enrollment Contracts

Our contract year extends from September 1 through August 31 of each year. A contract may be arranged by the parent for any portion or for the full contract period. Contracts will be updated at the end of each year, August 31. In the event you find that you need to discontinue services prior to the end date of the contract, one month written notice must be provided. Your monthly fee will be adjusted from the start of the contract to the new ending date. Parents requesting to cancel contracts to modify days in attendance may do so once during the contract year by providing a one month written notice. Additional requests will be honored by the center after receiving payment of the $100 contract cancellation fee. Contracts must be signed by all parties responsible for payments. If parents elect to arrange payments from multiple responsible individuals, separate signed contracts will be required for all parties the agency is asked to bill for services.